StyleBox: A DIY interior design dream come true.
StyleBox: A DIY interior design dream come true.
An interior designed by Susan Taylor of Black-eyed Susan
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Press & Awards
June 2014
Small on Space, Big on Ideas Learn from Susan in how to create spectacular, engaging and inspiring design ideas using your small space....
March 2014
10 Ways to Wake UP Your Kitchen! Susan gives great tips for a great kitchen face lift that doesn't involve tearing down walls. ...
February 2014
 Tied Up with a Bow With StyleBox Design from interior design firm Black-eyed Susan, clients can receive a house full of good ideas...
Susan's Blog
August 16, 2015
Navy, orange, and pure style combine in this stylish Naples, Fl. property to create a luxurious nesting spot. ...
August 16, 2015
Navy, orange, chartreuse and pure style come together in this stylish Naples home. Black-eyed Susan finds a home here with ac...
July 12, 2015
Market Report Day 5! New resources at the July market are always exciting! We found several fabulous new vendors to make you the best hostess for ...
September 17, 2015
Amy Howard Workshop: One Step Paint with Antique Waxes Learn just how easy it is to transform a tired piece of furniture into an exquisite treasure with Amy Howard's One Step Paint...
September 22, 2015
Amy Howard Workshop: Gold and Silver Gilding Authentic gilding with One Step Paint and bole with gold or silver leaf....
September 26, 2015
Amy Howard Workshop: Bring a Door or Drawer Our Bring a Door or Drawer workshop gets you started with One Step Paint and antique wax techniques, so you can finish your p...